Z SoccerChic9: Small kittens may die....
Tuesday, November 14, 2006
This is a rant. Okay, it's more me talking about adjusting my attitude. Today I was going to paint. Instead, today I went to work. This week is my week off. I have 9 weeks of overtime banked. Work did not get the memo. Work needs me to come in to deal with urgent matters. Mary wants to paint. Mary instead gets a lesson on bad attitudes. Mary wants to kill small things. Instead, Mary realizes her attitude is wrong. This is the story of Mary, and work, and painting.

So yes, long story short...I have been shown by God some major attitudes that have to be adjusted in my life this week. Today it was about how I need to let things go and not get frusterated over things I can't change. It was hard, because I much rather kick objects and complain about how this is my week off and yet I still have to come into work. This is the third major attitude adjustment lesson I've recieved, and it's only Tuesday. I have a feeling this is going to be a long week for me :)

On a happy note...I get to paint tonight, because when I get a chance to leave work, it's new canvas and paint for me. Which of course totally makes my day. I have my next two canvas planned out, and I am still working on the one I started Sunday night, which is hanging on my wall in attempts to inspire me with the finishing touches.


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