Z SoccerChic9: Today, I took a walk - up a hill.
Tuesday, October 19, 2004
I stopped by at the Library yesterday on the way home from school. Normally it takes them a while to get the books I want in - cause for some reason everyone wants the same books as I do. However, I walked in yesterday and I had like 10 items on hold under my name. Crazy. The only problem is I have absolutely no time this week to do extra reading and who knows what next week is going to be like. So, I am going to have to stay up late or something to finish all these exciting books.

I feel like I haven't read forever just for the fun of it. Hopefully when I have THREE WEEKS off at Christmas, inbetween all the dinners, I will have time to crack open some non-school books!!

Everyday on my way to school I have the option as I come off the linc to take one of two lanes. It seems no matter what lane I choose - the one I am in goes the slowest. I just can't win.

I think we are going to have snow soon - kinda exciting - though I may freeze on my long walk into school in the morning. Just read your newspaper and you may see a picture of me found frozen in a snow bank in Mohawk's parking lot:)
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