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Wednesday, October 20, 2004
I am officially half way through my first semester. Some moments it seems like it has flown by - others it seems like it is a miracle I am still here basicly in one piece:)

I have been kinda under the weather all week - the one week I couldn't really afford to get sick cause I was so busy - the good thing is I am still functioning. This morning I had a midterm, the first of four - it was interesting to say the very least.

I also had an interview this afternoon - it was part of a major project I have due November 1st. Anyhow - we had to interview someone who is doing the job that we are studying for. So, my and my friend set up the appointment and had everything in order for 1:30 this afternoon. Now, I was suppose to meet her at 1:00 so that we could go over our notes etc.. Perfect, I got home from school on time, pulled out my business clothes from somewhere in my closet, got all professional and headed out the door with time to spare. I figured since I was low on gas I better stop and fill up - especially cause gas was 81.2 - unfortunatly a nicer price at the moment.

Well, I am pleasently minding my own business at the gas station - I fill up, go to grab my wallet - and realize somehow my car door had become locked in the process (I think my car malfunctioned - cause I don't recall locking the door and I never lock the door at the gas station - that is my side of the story:). So, I ran into the gas station and asked if they had something to open it. The sympathetic, hard to understand gentleman behind the counter said he could call CAA (at least that is what I thought he said:). So, CAA says they will be there in half an hour - meaning 1:15ish.

I was giving myself a pep talk by this time "maintain calm, breathe, remember to breathe, don't destroy anything, don't throw a hissing fit, breathe, etc.". Well miracles of miracles CAA shows up at 1:15ish - I was quite impressed. The gentleman reassured me that people do this all the time (I was like uhuh) - he opened my car. I thanked him - grabbed my wallet (and keys:) headed into the gas station to pay. Just my luck the lovely Italian lady ahead of me can't find her card - so she is searching through her wallet all the while telling me and the cashier about her medication problems and how great that casino was.

I maintained a smile - at least I think I did - though I was tempted to strangle her ever so slightly. The cashier finally told her she was going to put my purchase through since I was in a hurry because I had waited for my keys (this set the Italian lady off on another tangent about her car key experiences) though I luckly ran out the door without having to listen to the rest of her stories.

I then became a race car driver - weaving in and out of Hamilton traffic to arrive at Tim Hortans at 1:19ish. Thankfully Cheryl was still there - though on her way out. We parked and quickly went to the law office.

I am glad to say the rest of my day was a little less stressful.
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